Gregory Smith

Composer - Songwriter

Music for Disney, Commercials, Media and Symphony Orchestras

Mr. Smith's Composition

Mr. Smith's Composition takes the audience on a hilarious and educational journey into the mind of Mr. Smith as he composes.  The audience is drawn into the process by being asked to choose the final ending, which they are encouraged to do by following their hearts.  The narration is written in the “third person” but capable narrators are urged to perform the work in the “first person”.  This further enhancement gives the audience the meaningful experience of hearing and seeing a living composer. 

Commissioned and premiered by Marin Alsop and the Eugene Symphony, Mr. Smith's Composition is the first of Gregory Smith’s efforts in the genre.  When it arrived in 1990, it ushered in a fresh approach to family-educational concert programming.    

Orchestration: 3(pic), 2(3 opt.), 2(3opt.), 2(3 opt.)   4, 3, 3, 1   Timp +2,  Harp, Strings,   Narrator.

Timing: 21 minutes 

Translations available: German