Gregory Smith

Composer - Songwriter

Music for Disney, Commercials, Media and Symphony Orchestras

Big News: VIBE Has Dropped!

The World Premiere of VIBE was presented on January 17th in Fort Collins, Colorado. Maestro Wes Kenney conducted the Fort Collins Symphony, Gregory Smith narrated, and the students and teachers of the Poudre School District performed their roles “amazingly”.

An exploration of sound, VIBE is driven by ScienceTechEngineeringArtsMath.  


Topics explored include:

*how energy vibrates air molecules, forms sound waves, and travels to our ears

*how our voices produce sound

*how instruments produce sound

*the speed of sound and the significance of having two ears

*reverb and echo

*how sound behaves in air, water, solids, and in space

As with Smith’s other works in the genre the general tone of the work is lighthearted and often funny. There is also a recurring audience participation component.

 Timing:  c. 35 minutes (easily adaptable)

 Orchestration:  3(picc),2,2,2  4,3,3,1  Timp+2(opt 3), Harp, Strings, Narrator

To check out the full length audio and/or get a perusal scores click here.