Gregory Smith

Composer - Songwriter

Music for Disney, Commercials, Media and Symphony Orchestras

Zoo Song

Jointly commissioned by the Colorado Symphony and the Denver Zoo, Zoo Song tells the story of a young girl’s trip to the zoo.  The child is captivated by one particular sound and sets out on a quest to find its source.  She encounters many musically depicted animals along the way.  The source of the pursued sound is revealed unexpectedly in the poignant conclusion to this heartfelt work. 

Zoo Song was premiered by the Colorado Symphony in 1998.  A revised, lengthened version was unveiled at the Cabrillo Music Festival in 1999.  Marin Alsop was the conductor on both occasions.

Orchestration: 3(picc), 2(eh), 2, 2    4, 3, 3, 1   Timp+2, Harp, Strings, Narrator.

Timing:  17 minutes